‘Gut’ Renovation in Scarborough and Pickering

A ‘gut’ renovation in Scarborough and Pickering is a great option if you’re looking to turn your current home into the home of your dreams. The best part? It doesn’t require removal of the existing structure.

Elite Construction and Renovations provide a team of experts backed with decades of experience for your next ‘gut’ renovation project.

What Is a ‘Gut’ Renovation?

A ‘gut’ renovation involves demolishing, removing, and replacing a home’s finishings, plumbing and electrical systems, as well as making changes to the framework of the structure. As an extension of a basic renovation, a ‘gut’ renovation is more extensive than a typical renovation and requires architectural and engineer drawings and plans.

The foundation and overall structure of the house is normally kept intact, but the interior walls are demolished and the footprint of the home changes. During the planning stages, ‘gut’ renovations can include slight changes to the exterior of the house such as the siding or repairs to any brick design.

Types of ‘Gut’ Renovations We Offer

When it come to your ‘gut’ renovation in Scarborough and Pickering, the scope of the project will determine the type of renovation required. For more than 15 years, Elite Construction and Renovations has offered various remodelling and renovation services to enhance the living space of homeowners.

Full Home ‘Gut’ Renovation

During a full home renovation, the interior walls and flooring are removed, down to the structural studs. You are actually gutting the inside of the house. The windows, flooring, walls, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and drywall etc. are replaced to give the home a more completely new look.

Kitchen and Bathroom ‘Gut’ Renovation

Whether the project is a ‘gut’ renovation in Pickering or in the Danforth area, Elite Construction and Renovations provides superior work. Our kitchen and bathroom renovation services allow you to choose whether you want a partial or full makeover of the room and include top-of-the-line workmanship.

Our ‘Gut’ Renovation Process

Elite Construction and Renovations provides a number of services associated with ‘gut’ renovation projects. Below are some of the key steps you can expect with your ‘gut’ renovation project.

Permits and Permissions

With a ‘gut’ renovation in Toronto, there are various types of permits and permissions required before work can begin. Major construction work such as the work required in a ‘gut’ renovation does require the contractor to follow local municipality and/or home association by-laws.

Elite Construction and Renovations have the experience and knowledge of local by-laws. Our team can help the homeowner acquire the necessary permits and permissions.

Redevelopment of the House

A total ‘gut’ renovation of a house requires a lot of careful planning. The team at Elite Construction and Renovations use certified architectural plans to achieve the goal of the project, which ensures no corners are cut and the structure of your home is safe and secure.

With an on-site consultation with the homeowners, our design/build team can better plan and create the desired layout. This allows the homeowner to discuss possible changes with the design team to accommodate any structure problems.

Total Breakdown of the House

Before beginning a ‘gut’ renovation, the size of the house, the extent of the ‘gut’ and the design plan for new materials must all be considered.

Each individual aspect of the ‘gut’—from plumbing to electrical to drywalling—will be supervised by one of our highly qualified project managers and conducted by a skilled labourer. At Elite Construction and Renovations, our goal is to ensure your vision is maintained throughout the renovation.

Inspecting for Damage or Scope of Future Damage

Once the ‘gut’ renovation begins, an inspection for the existing damage or the potential for future damage will be completed. Depending on the age of the house, the inspection can uncover hidden problems within the structure. Black mould, termites, and rotten joints and studs may lie underneath the flooring or behind the walls.

These issues will be addressed during the work in progress. Repairs and replacements are considered by the contractor in the initial planning stages. Unexpected damage or issues, however, can cost time in delays and the budget.

Interior Design Services

Part of our design/build service at Elite Construction and Renovations is our amazing interior design services. Meeting with our design consultants, our clients have a first-hand look at how our services can help turn their vision into reality.  From the drawing and illustration stage the design process can be a great source of inspiration.

Why Choose Elite Construction and Renovations?

At Elite Construction and Renovations, we have more than 15 years of experience working with homeowners across the GTA to enhance their living spaces. Each project is backed by a two-year workmanship guarantee and we honour all partnering warranties.

Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our highly skilled team provides superior workmanship with no compromise on quality. From infills and home additions to whole home ‘gut’ renovations and design features, we work with you from the initial concept to project completion.

Service Areas

We offer all of our services of home renovations, rebuilds, and ‘gut’ renovations throughout the following areas:

  • Toronto
  • Scarborough
  • The Beaches
  • Don Valley
  • Leslieville
  • Danforth
  • East York
  • Leaside
  • Pickering

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