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If you are searching for “basement remodelling contractors near me”, Elite Construction and Renovations can be the right champion for your project

Basement remodelling in Toronto is one of our specialties. Our design/build professionals have decades of experience and can offer you various options for your basement renovation. 

Our Basement Renovation Services

Elite Construction and Renovations provides customized service to create the basement that meets the lifestyle and needs of you, the homeowner. A finished basement can be designed to ensure the structure of the foundation is improved while utilizing the extra space. We offer the following basement renovation services:


The layout of a basement does not have to dictate the capability of the renovation project. With our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledge, our team can redesign and build the basement to suit the desired vision. 


If your basement has low ceilings, underpinning is an option. With careful and precise planning, we can raise the ceiling of the basement without compromising the integrity of the foundation. 


Most basements are at risk for structure damage and interior hazards from water leaks through pipes, wall cracks, and drainage issues. The location’s fluctuating temperatures and environmental elements are taken into consideration for the planning of waterproofing methods.

Insulation and Plumbing

A basement renovation can include installing insulation to protect the walls and the underground plumbing. Having updated plumbing fixtures can prevent moisture and mould development from damaging the structure and health of the occupants. 

Electrical and Drywall

Regardless of the finished basement renovation project, the electrical system is a main part of the finished project. These upgrades will require replacement of the drywall and other basement coverings. 


Redesigning a basement space requires the installation of proper flooring that is functional as well as stunning. Hardwood, carpeting, laminate and subfloor installation can be done to create a space for the home theatre, home office, or new rental unit. 


Elite Construction and Renovations offers superior painting services for basement walls, trim and ceilings. Our expert painters use basement-specific paint formulas to protect against mould and mildew development. 

Sound Proofing

Renovating a basement can include installing the right materials to soundproof the entire space. Whether you want a media room, a home office, or a guest room, we can redesign the atmosphere to match the space. 

Ways to Remodel Your Basement

A basement renovation can be a prime opportunity to create a living space that meets the needs of every house occupant. From a spare guest room complete with an extra bathroom to a rental unit, the sky’s the limit with a full basement renovation. 

Media Rooms

As many families, couples and single people spend more time at home, why not turn the dusty basement into a stunning media room? Consider a home theatre set up complete with comfy seating, a snack bar and even a mini bar. 

Home Offices

If home has become a place to live and work, creating a full home office in the basement can be beneficial. Add in a bathroom and a breakroom with a mini fridge, cabinets, and sink and the newly renovated basement can be a productive work zone. 

Home Gyms

Consider creating a home gym to save time and money from travelling to a fitness centre. Converting to a gym requires renovating the space to accommodate heavy and large equipment, special flooring, monitors, and possibly a lounge or bathroom. 

What We Do

As basement renovation contractors in Toronto, Elite Construction and Renovations follows critical steps to ensure the renovation is a success.

Meet with the Customer

Once we receive your request, the first step is to have a quick chat about what you envision and then schedule an appointment at your home for a free consultation. We inspect your basement to ensure there are no visible wet conditions or potential water issues. If so, repairs will be part of the renovation. 

Provide a Draft of the New Design

Based on your vision and the actual allowances of the structure, we will help create a draft plan of the renovation proposal. Once a plan is in place, we can then put together an estimate that includes all details of the work required. 

Finalize the Details Based on the Customer’s Feedback

The proposal will be reviewed by the client with our guidance before drawings and plans are finalized. Once everyone is on the same page in terms of work required and costs, we are ready to move ahead. A contract will be signed, we will determine start dates and clients can start the fun part of selecting finishing materials.  

Start the Work

Working with the client, our project manager will schedule the various tradespeople needed and order materials. At Elite Construction and Renovations, we promise to have an open and honest communication network with the client and everyone involved. 

Why Choose Elite Construction and Renovations?

Elite Construction and Renovation is a team of designers, architects, project managers, and skilled workers that work together from initial conception to completed project. Our combined experience means we provide a wealth of knowledge for home renovations.

We offer a two-year workmanship guarantee in addition to honouring all warranties for our partners. This is possible with our dedication to providing excellent customer experiences without compromising of work quality. 

Service Areas

Based in the GTA, Elite Construction and Renovations offers all services in the following neighbourhoods:

    • Toronto
    • Scarborough
    • The Beaches
    • Don Valley
    • Leslieville
    • Danforth
    • East York
    • Leaside
    • Pickering

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