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The term “home renovation” has a distinct meaning to different people. For some, a huge home addition, requiring a contractor in Toronto to design, plan, and execute the entire project. For others, it can mean revamping the existing space. For Elite Construction and Renovations, it’s whatever renovation makes our customers happy!

Any form of renovation is a way to maximize the living space to fit all the needs of each household member. From redesigning the functionality and aesthetics of a room to transforming a room into another use of space, hiring a professional home renovation contractor is the most cost-effective way to achieve your vision. 

Home Renovation Services We Offer

Home renovation companies in Toronto have the experience and means to work within your budget and time constraints, not to mention the limited physical space you might have for expansion. New and older homes are constantly having the family dynamics change, requiring some form of renovation. 

Elite Construction and Renovations should be the first and only renovation company you contact in your search for “old home renovation contractors near me”. We offer the following renovation services. 

Old Home Renovation

Many people buy older homes to save money and restore to the original beauty of the structure. Homes built years before the turn of the century have a solid structure that was made to last, but sometimes the layout just doesn’t fit your modern-day needs.

Our team of expert designers, engineers, and labourers use the existing framework to create an updated version of the home’s style. We work to upgrade the mechanics of the home such as the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. 

The delicate features of the moldings, staircases, and solid hardwood flooring can usually be restored to its original beauty with the rooms designed around these features. Renovating an older home is as fun for us as it is for the homeowner!

Residential Renovation

A basic residential renovation is done with older and newer homes to bring the house up to code, repair worn structural portions, or to breathe new life into the home. The team at Elite Construction and Renovations can work with you to help plan the renovation to fit your lifestyle.

Examples of a residential renovation include transforming the second-floor into a master bedroom and ensuite, converting the basement storage into a family gaming room, or creating a home office/gym wing in the house. 

Remodelling and Redesign

A simple redesign entails using the services of professional painters, carpenters, or electricians to give a room a complete makeover. While this can be achieved as a DYI project, it often leads to revamping more than the aesthetic look of the bedroom. For most homeowners, once you start a project it’s hard to stop at one!

That’s where the experts at Elite Construction and Renovations come in! With any remodelling or redesigning job that involves the services of several types of professionals, it is recommended to turn to home contractors such as ourselves.

When remodelling, removing a false wall or flooring can sometimes uncover more than what the homeowners bargained for. Wood rot, mould, and termites are just some of the surprises waiting in some homes. Call us before you swing that hammer!

Steps for a Home Renovation

A proper home renovation takes planning, organizing, and redesigning the original plans. Take the guesswork out of the full house renovation project and let the experts at Elite Construction and Renovations help you coordinate and execute your vision.

Architecture Plan

After meeting with our design/build team, we will begin the process of creating architectural plans for the renovation project. An on-site consultation and visual layout will narrow down the essential factors to see the renovation come to light. From this, the design plans can be created. 

Site Inspection and Approval

Once the plans are drawn up, the construction experts and design team at Elite Construction and Renovations will meet on-site to discuss any possible challenges before work is started. Don’t worry if you have to make adjustments to your plans as it is important to plan for the unexpected.

Start the Work

Pending the final approval of the renovation plan by the homeowner, the work will then begin. A work schedule and estimated completion date will be provided before any work starts.

The homeowner may be able to remain in the home during the construction, depending on the type of renovation. It may be advisable for occupants be out of the home during the initial stages of demolition for safety reasons. Your project manager will be on-site during all working hours.

Service Areas

Elite Construction and Renovations offer our services, including full house renovations, in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Toronto
  • Scarborough
  • The Beaches
  • Don Valley
  • Leslieville
  • Danforth
  • East York
  • Leaside
  • Pickering

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    The collected knowledge and experience of the team at Elite Construction and Renovations surpass decades of typical work experience. Our team has been helping homeowners realize their dream homes in the GTA for 15 years. 

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    We are proud to provide our workmanship with a full two-year warranty at Elite Construction and Renovations. Our trusted partnering manufacturers’ warranties are also honoured by us. 

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    The team at Elite Construction and Renovations extends our promise of the finest workmanship of all of our services. We provide excellent service with no compromise on quality.


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