A Guide to Choosing a General Remodelling Contractor: Important Tips and Checklist

Dec 22, 2022 | Blog

Not every advertised general remodelling contractor is the real deal! A reliable and good general contractor will coordinate remodelling projects while ensuring all work is completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget. Whether the remodelling entails an upgrade of a kitchen or encompasses a whole-home renovation, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Below we provide some important tips and a solid checklist you can use in your search for the perfect general remodelling contractor for your next project.

Verify the Qualifications of the General Remodelling Contractor

Do your research! Anyone can claim to be an all-purpose/general contractor, so be sure to verify their credentials and qualifications before hiring a home remodelling general contractor. The cousin of your neighbour may have experience and training in refurbishing a kitchen, but can he/she/they organize, manage, and supervise a team of plumbers, electricians, labourers and other related journeymen?

Conduct Background Checks

At one time a background check was only needed for specialized work projects. As residential remodelling contractors are expected to safeguard your property, it is important to ensure the company is a registered business, has up-to-date licenses and has adequate insurance. Gather the information and double-check with the affiliated insurance company, worker’s compensation, and provincial governing boards.

Pay Attention to Contract Details

The saying “the devil is in the details” is most true with construction contracts. Before signing with what appears to be the best residential remodelling contractor in your area, read through the contract with precise understanding of the terms and conditions. Critical information such as the start and completion dates, who is responsible for acquiring building permits, material descriptions and any conditions of default should be clearly outlined.

Ask Your Contractor the Right Questions

For those not familiar with home remodelling contractors or residential construction, there are several key questions to ask when “interviewing” contractors. And you can expect an experienced contractor to take notes and possibly even ask you questions, as well.

To begin with, ask how long the business has been in operation. Further inquire about the training the contractor has and any relevant education they may have. It is possible for a person to have good business sense but not understand the details behind the scenes.

Ask if the company has experience with your particular type of project. Some general contractors specialize in certain areas and may or may not have the specific knowledge required for your project. Explain what your vision is for the project and ask how they would be able to perform the work.

One of the most important questions is if the contractor has adequate insurance coverage as well as workers compensation. It may seem obvious that both of these coverages are required but you should have proof to reduce your liability risk.

Ask if the workmanship and any products utilized come with a warranty or written guarantee. It is important to know how long after a project is completed that any defects will be addressed with no additional charge to you.

Request a written contract for the project. A good contractor will deliver the expected timelines, costs, and all pertinent information in signed documentation. If not, move on to another contractor as a piece of paper can protect both you and the contractor from liability and neglect.

References are key when hiring for any job, especially for complex projects such as remodelling a home. A reputable contractor will gladly offer references.

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Jay McDonald

Jay McDonald

Jay McDonald, general contractor and owner of Elite Construction & Renovations, has over 20 years of construction experience. He has completed various Ontario Building Code and Business Management courses from George Brown College and has managed over $50 million-dollars-worth of construction in his career.